who are we

Our competitive advantage is derived from:
• Established frameworks and processes for collaborative working
• Earlier influence on the engineering design process
• Off-site manufacturing
• Directly employed workforce
• Ability to service assets over the lifecycle
Al Khalifah Contracting is committed to delivering exceptional value for our customers, underpinned by innovation, openness, integrity, pride and passion in all we do.

“To consistently & effectively work towards achieving our clients’ requirements by rendering quality workmanship & products under a healthy and safe work
environment, employing competent resources.”
Our mission Statement commits us through mutual support and agreement to achieve the following:
To be a dynamic focused partnership
• To be committed to quality, innovation, service and deliver value
• To ensure service levels, added value, costs, profits and targeted work are benchmark
• To engender teamwork, trust and collaboration so that commercial and technical information is shared at all stages thereby striving to ensure that:
o Inefficiency and waste are minimized
o Cost is monitored and controlled
o Planned profits are attained
o Risk is minimal
o Value for money is achieved and rewarded

To establish Project Teams which will work together to plan and control activities, using Risk Management and Value engineering processes in an endeavor to eliminate misunderstandings and confrontation.

Our vision

Our vision is to become the leading construction partner in our chosen markets. We will achieve our vision by delivering superior value to our customers. By anticipating new trends and challenging conventional MEP services thinking and practices, we deliver more efficient and cost effective solutions at each stage of the building lifecycle.

Our goals

Whilst we have changed significantly over the years, the values that underpin our business remain constant. Al Khalifah Contracting is first and foremost recognized for our commitment to our customers with whom we develop deep and mutually respectful partnerships.

Core values

The following guiding principles are intrinsic to our business:
People & Culture
We will recruit, retain, and develop people committed to performing at the highest level.

At all times our language and behaviors, will demonstrate a succinct, simple, collaborative and honest approach.

Project Delivery
We will adopt, lean, and agile processes which deliver sustainable profit, transparent added value and reliable project performance to our client.

We will gain the respect of the Customer through effective relationship management, delivery, support and quality of service provision

Health & Safety
“We will make safety personal…”

Why did you choose us?

We recognize that our partners success is our success. Through a commitment to teamwork and integration, we deliver on our promises and display openness, integrity, passion and pride in all we do.