We take this opportunity to proudly present our company as one of the effective terms in the field of electromechanical contracting. We are pleased to say that we are an integral part of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia regarding its development so far. We took a major role in its major projects since 1984. Al-Khalifa Contracting. It is one of the leading MEP services provider in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, providing innovative, high quality and life cycle solutions to our clients. Our people have worked with senior consultants and developers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia across a broad spectrum of the market over many years, equipping them with the skills and experience needed to deliver and exceed their expectations. Al Khalifa Contracting is still looking to implement prestigious projects in the Kingdom in order to fulfill its duty and be a major part of the development in the Kingdom. We trust you will find an interest in the enclosure and feel free to contact the signers below if you require further clarifications.

your faithful friend,

Ali Shamma Muhammad Al-Khalifa, Director of the Company, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Company